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By donating to ScooterHacking, you help us maintain the infrastructure and launch new community-centered projects - such as Donations allow us to get more testing hardware and keeps our motivation going. You can donate to individual contributors by using the below table or the side menu.
If you have any question about how donations are handled, please e-mail [email protected]

Thank you to all donors, your support is what keeps this project going!


Owner & admin of ScooterHacking, I'm responsible for maintaining and coordinating both the community and the services you use.
I work on a daily basis to create and improve tools that are either helpful to the general public, or to other content makers.
Projects & fields I work on, non-exhaustive list:
  • & infrastructure
  • Custom Firmware Toolkits (main developer)
  • ScooterHacking Utility (main developer)
  • Reverse-engineering and patches, data extraction
  • Documentations and libraries

Fox Master (Martin)

Co-admin of ScooterHacking, I'm responsible for gathering data, writing guides and managing the community.
I work to provide information used on the ScooterHacking wiki and in the tools you use on a daily basis.
Projects & fields I work on, non-exhaustive list:
  • Data gathering and distribution
  • Wiki, Discord and BOT maintenance
  • Small ScooterHacking Utility updates
  • Firmware dumping
  • Writing guides
  • Minor graphic work
  • Tracking new product releases and promos


Co-admin of ScooterHacking, I provide firmware & hardware engineering solutions thanks to my years of embedded programming & cryptography experience. My projects are mostly used as a starting point for end-user software.
Projects & fields I work on, non-exhaustive list:
  • Firmware & protocol reverse-engineering
  • Hardware<->Software mapping
  • Crypto libraries for community apps (NinebotCrypto, XiaomiCrypto)
  • Ninebot-Flasher (base for IAP BLE and SH Utility)
  • Advanced firmware patching
  • SHFW